OCP Foundation : Agriculture caravan for sustainable agriculture in Madagascar


Antananarivo – Madagascar. September 14th  2017. Through the OCP Foundation, partnership between Morocco and Madagascar has taken a new form. Launched the first day of the Agricutlure International Fair in Antananarivo, the  project “Agriculture – Caravan” aims mainly to sample and analyse soils to produce fertility map in two regions of Madagascar for over 100 000 ha.  Known as a development partner in many subsaharian countries, the OCP Foundation focuses its action on economic – agricultural development, training and research and support to cultural heritage conservation.


The caravan will cover nine districts in Vakinankaratra and Alaotra Mangoro. Beside mapping soil fertility, another objective of the project is also to sensitize the farmers of the regions crossed to good agricultural practices and rational fertilization. The launch of the project took place in the presence of the President of the Republic, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in Madagascar, His Majesty's Ambassador to Madagascar, Mohamed Benjilany and the delegation of the OCP Group.

The purpose of establishing a Malagasy Soil Fertility Map is to assess the fertility level of different soil types and determine the need for suitable fertilizer elements. This map will also enable Malagasy sectoral authorities to use a better decision-making tool to build a proactive and ambitious agricultural development strategy in Madagascar.

In order to carry out this project, the equipment of the Tsimbazaza laboratory was upgraded with the delivery of a mobile laboratory accompanied by a rapid sampling device.

In addition to these aspects, this partnership is to  strengthen capacities of Ministry's executives in monitoring projects. To this end, 11 managers benefited from capacity-building programs in Morocco on soil analysis,  geographical information system applied to soil mapping and the quality control of fertilizers. The objective is to reach by the year 2018 some thirty trained engineers.

Aware of the importance of scientific research in agriculture, the OCP Group has placed innovation as vectors of competitiveness for a successful agriculture and source of new agricultural wealth for Africa. It is in this sense that OCP Agricultural Caravans have already been organized in Côte d'Ivoire (October 2015), Guinea (May 2015) and Togo in April 2016.

Published on Friday, 15 September 2017 15:01