The national gendarmerie inaugurates its service for children protection.
Antananarivo, September.15th  2017. Another step in the protection of Malagasy children was made in Madagascar, the national gendarmerie  has inaugurated this morning a new building where offices of service of child and ethics protection will be located (SPEM) . The inauguration ceremony of the new building  “A8”  and the official launch of the service took place today at Toby Ratsimandrava with the presence of  General Jean de Dieu Daniel RAMIANDRISOA, Commander in Chief of the National Gendarmerie and Mrs. Elke Wisch, Representative of UNICEF Madagascar.
These infrastructures will reinforce the capacity of the National Gendarmerie, an institution that is present up to the most landlocked communes, the most remote hamlets, to ensure children protection  in these places where it is gradually put in place.This inauguration was preceded by capacity-building activities for the elements of the national gendarmerie.

Since 2013, some 350 senior officers and gendarmes from different regions of the island have reinforced their knowledge of children's rights, laws and procedures applicable to children, reception and techniques listening and hearing skills appropriate for children during the investigation process, whether they are victims or suspected perpetrators, requiring judicial protection due to their situation.
These training courses were carried out in close collaboration with other actors such as the National Police and the Ministry of Justice including the implementation of the new law n ° 2016-018 of August. 22nd  2016 on measures and the procedure applicable to children in conflict with the law and the effective implementation of the mechanism for monitoring cases of child victims.
In addition, the National Gendarmerie has also contributed to the creation by the Ministry of Justice of the website "arozaza" . In 2016, it set up the service for the fight against cybercrime. Specific training on the techniques of digital investigation to track the perpetrators of child abuse and exploitation online has been conducted jointly with the National Police.
"These actions aimed at strengthening the judicial protection of children with a view to increasing their access to justice have been carried out in partnership with UNICEF, whose mission includes support to governments for the protection and promotion of human rights. children " Wisch said in her speech. "UNICEF recognizes the concrete actions taken in the development of operational structures for the respect of children rights o ", but stresses that the remaining challenges are numerous and require the mobilization of all.

This inauguration is the opening step towards other initiatives within the National Gendarmerie which intends to have adequate service rooms for child protection cell in intervention regions, and to reinforce the operational mechanism for monitoring cases of child victims of violence at the level of the gendarmerie units.
The outlook also includes the strengthening of investigative capacities in cybercrime as well as center support for the Improvement of the Judicial Police in Child Protection Materials.
"The Gendarmerie Nationale reiterates its mission to protect children, it  relies on the continuity of UNICEF's collaboration and invites development partners to lend their support and support to this noble mission" explained Major General Jean de Dieu Daniel RAMIANDRISOA, Commander of the Gendarmerie Nationale, who suggests that a specialization training in protection of the child will be opened from February 2018 to those who want to deepen and make it a vocation.

Published on Friday, 15 September 2017 15:42