The 2 most important points you should consider  before becoming an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, I know people who don’t want to become an entrepreneur, not because the fear of failure but to facilitate their job in receiving daily  to do list tasks from their boss. Don’t think that entrepreneurs don’t deal with internal turmoils or  financial issues ; they won’t tell you what’s wrong nor what’s going. They will appear happy outside, managing their internal  conflicts in a non emotional way but it happens that at some times,  some entrepreneurs are asking theirselves why on hell am I here, how can I take this to the next level ? Others can be in total frustration with all « now I should have … » possibilities.  If you are about to start,  these are two most important points you need to consider before becoming an entrepreneur, it is for you to see if you are ready to become an entrepreneur or not. Still, this is from my own experience, another entrepreneur certainly have others counsels for you.  


1 – Sacrifices are inevitable

 If you are the kind of person always asking money in exchange of one task, then it’s better for you to work in a company where you will be paid every end of the month. Entrepreurship is for those who want to « accomplish » something and experience step by step the « taste of finishing » until their dream come true ; and this with or without financial compensation.  Entrepreneurship is a painful experience that will take a great part of you, you must be an achiever.


These sacrifices can be your own investment that won’t work the first time, time you spent trying one stuff before identifying months after a better option for the same thing and try again.  You will « waste » time working alone on a project you are the only one who believe in its success and significance while few persons are throwing at you all their doubts  until you are near to admit they are right and you are crazy  but you are still there defending what you are doing because you can feel its worth that soon or later, your sacrifices will bear its fruits.   Still, waiting for that time to come, you are working somewhere elst to earn money to fund you own project.

It’s often said that « it is not about what you  know, but who you know ». Entrepreneurship contains a part of human relation that’s so important to be taken care of if you need to succeed. Your contacts may not always act the way you want, make suggestion or take decision that always fit your situation ; sometimes finding (finally) someone who is ready to partner, work or fund you project is unbelievable that you need to think of your self less to privilege the relationship itself knowing it's the golden connection to a larger network.


2 – You will pass through seasons of frustration

When becoming an entrepreneur, know that you will go through many seasons of frustration. From the beginning, the moment your idea is born in your mind,  you will be frustrated either you will go further or not. You will be torn between excitement to live a new experience,  the fear of failure and the preference to remain to stay in your (future) current situation which is your comfort zone. Despite a wisely written plan, challenges will erupt from nowhere and issues will all hit you the same week end.


When you are tired and success takes longer than expected, frustration from your own circumstances will overwhelm you more. Feeling sometimes guilty for not taking the best decision or feeling you were wrong in some way. Analyzing where you were and imagine the path you still have to go, the demand you see you need to meet is still so big that it crushes your very soul. You don’t want to share your own problem with someone else that’s not an entrepreneur because you know what their answer will be like. If you are not careful, your exhausted emotions  can make you take wrong decisions to start a new venture when you are already in the right path, just asking a little bit more from you.

Bills you have to pay vs your unpaid invoices,  unfair customers that come to you … these are easy to writte in an article, but you need to be tough to stand it.  It takes more than courage, it requires your  erstwhile flame to burn through the rain. If you think you can, this is a  sign that you are a doer ready to lead something new in this world.

Published on Saturday, 21 October 2017 11:44