Madagascar : 126 representatives of local communities unite forces to  manage sustainably renewable natural resources.


                                                               Source : WWF Madagascar

Grassroots communities from 13 regions of Madagascar has marked another historic moment for Madagascar by, for the first time, uniting their strenght to find solutions  for a better management of natural resources.

On 16 and 17 November 2017 in Antsirabe, the City of Water, 167 participants including 126 representatives of grassroots communities, 27 representatives of support organizations and 14 representatives of the forest administration met.

To date, 1248 basic communities in Madagascar have concluded community management contracts for renewable natural resources with the forest administration through management transfer processes. And WWF has participated significantly not only in the implementation of these contracts but especially in support of their implementation.


Proud of her community called « Fanantenana » (The hope) managing forests in Antanifotsy district, the President, Rafanomezantsoa Nirina, is convinced that this meeting was a good opportunity to acquire skills and exchange experiences between communities sharing the same vision which is  the preservation of the environment. Since the implementation of this community, "the mentality of the population in relation to the environment has changed positively: there has been less tavy (slash and burn agriculture) and reforestation is done annually," added Nirina. A great success for them because their contract of community management of natural resources was renewed for the next ten years.

At the end of this meeting, organized by the Ministry of the Environment with the support of WWF, public and private partnerships as long as technical and financial supports were discussed. The participating grassroots communities also plan to create regional networks soon and a national network of resource management communities that will help them better organize and support each other.

WWF also took advantage of this big rally to award the 2016 WWF Africa Youth Award winner to a young environmental activist, Jean Louis Gonzague Razafimanandraibe. This young leader made the pride of Madagascar during the big competition organized by WWF on the African continent through promotion of bamboo plantations to fight against deforestation and promote green economy.

Published on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 10:33