Zimbabwe : Robert Mugabe at the end of 37 years in power.


Harare – Zimbabwe 22 November 2017.  At 93 years old, Robert Mugabe, the oldest President in the world has ended his reign after 37 years in power in Zimbabwe after a week of pressures and social tensions. On his letter of resignation addressed to the Parliament, the old lion said « I’ve deliberately chosen to resign … ». The letter, with an immediate effect marks an and to a period of economic downslide, oppression to political dissidents and opponents.


 « For a trouble-free transfer of power, pacific and non-violent … »

Though seen as a freedom fighter and liberator in the 80’s in time of british colonization, the resignation of Robert Mugabe was joyfully welcome by Senates and people of Zimbabwe.  Applauses and cry of joy were heard after the President of Parliament Jacob Mudenda read loudly the former president’s letter.  From 1980 to 2017, unlike Mugabe’s permanent firm intention to remain in power, his departure from power is a totally unexpected decision. 


Emmerson Mnangagwa : the next President ?

After being ousted from his Vice President position in early November, Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75 years old had promised to « return » but none could have guessed how. Nicknamed « the crocodile », it only took him a week to dethrone Robert Mugabe. The kingpin of the recent military operations is now the one to take the lead of Zimbabwe but there is no guarantee his  level of  authoritarianism, either it will be less or the same as Robert Mugabe. In the Herald, his vision of a Head of State is a person who will lead people , not to where it wants but where it should go ; and this no matter how difficult it would be. 

Published on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 22:37