Rwanda opens the door to host 30 000 refugees from Libya.


Stepping backward before the abolition of slavery in 1848,  latest human sales snapshots from Lybia has truck internauts and international Human Rights NGOs throughout the world. But this tragedy has also constrained African countries to stick together in order to make Africa a better continent. Face this outrageous reality, Rwanda was the first african country to announce officially its willigness to host approximately 30 000 refugees and assist in the repatriement process.


The new was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Louise Mushikiwabo on November 22. 2017 answering the appeal for aid of Moussi Faki Mahamat, current African Union Committee Chair.

A souvenir of a crime against humanity ….

Rwanda’s reaction can be understood by going back to its history. From its own experience in civil war killing 800 000 persons in 1994, Rwanda is well positionned to share the pain when men are treated equally to animals.  « Given the political philiosophy of Rwanda and our own history, we cannot be speachless when other humans are sold in auction like cattle » said Louise Mushikiwabo on Twitter.

Emmanuel Macron has asked for an emergency UN Security Council meeting after qualifying unacceptable human trafficking. Though technical means of receiving these refugees are under discussion, Rwanda has proved its commitment to Human Rights . 

Published on Thursday, 23 November 2017 14:06