Norway compliments Madagascar’s alignment to the new UN resolution on human rights defenders protection


For the first time, the United Nations unanimously adopted on Monday 20. November 2017 a new resolution highlighting the role played by human rights defenders in a free and independent manner. "This is a clear signal to Government about the importance of their work" said Ine Eriksen Soreide, norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Based on this unanimity, Norwegian government compliments Madagascar by putting itself in line with  the new resolution, the country having now more environmentalist defenders in prison or under threats.

Negotiations leading to this resolution were possible under Norwegian leadership ; today, the it’s unanimously approved by the UN Human Rights Council at the United Nations General Assembly. In addition to Norway, 75 other countries were stakeholders in this proposal. The resolution condemns Human rights defenders murders, the criminalization of their struggle and the impediments on their endeavours. It demands the release of imprisoned persons for exercising their freedom of expression and exercising their fundamental rights. The message it expresses is the most offensive and the clearest that Member States have ever  adopted on this subject. In order to better promote the content, the United Nations will convene next year a high-level meeting on the issue. The resolution also calls on the Secretary-General to intensify the United Nations efforts in favor of human rights defenders.

"I am pleased we have achieved unanimity around a strong resolution on the protection of people who are our outposts in the fight against measures to undermine the universal value of human rights" said Ms Eriksen Søreide.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs sends warm thanks to all the partners and representatives of civil society organizations around the world who have supported the work leading up to this resolution.

Many people who stand for their rights are taking many risks. Studies show that every two days, an environmental activist is murdered. However without a bold spokesperson, who would say that the planetary ecological goals should apply to all ? Marginalized population groups, especially first peoples will be excluded from this evolution.

Published on Thursday, 23 November 2017 22:27