JIRAMA : financial independence expected by 2020.

Antananarivo where power outages are still frequent


ANTANANARIVO, January 11, 2018.  At its headquarters in Ambohijatovo, the JIRAMA shares its accomplishments and vision with journalists in the presence of Hyacinthe Befeno Todimanana, Board of Directors Chairman, Eric Randrasana, Board Member, Olivier Jaomiary, General Manager of the company and Henri Randriamanana, Deputy General Manager. The objective of this meeting was to present the balance sheet for 2017 and to clarify the situation of the national water and electricity company at the beginning of the year. It was also a question of carrying a report on the last passage of the cyclone AVA which disrupted the network of distribution of water and electricity in several regions of the Island.

A new era after 30 years of stagnation

Hyacinthe Befeno Todimanana, emphasized the efforts made by the company to improve its services including  the fluidity of information between the Jirama and its users. This fluidity of information, he explains, comes within the framework of good governance establishment within this public service. As good governance is required by donors, « this is just the beginning of a new era in the Jirama » he said.

Regarding the assessment of year 2017, it was reported that efforts were made to reduce power outages. In this sense, the commissioning of heavy fuel oil plants with a total capacity of 165 MW is an important step: 40 MW (Symbion Power at Mandroseza), 60 MW (AKSAF Power at Ambohimanambola), 65 MW (TAC Jovena). The solar hybrid operation of Maevatanana (350 KW), which is a pilot project, is not far behind because it will be the beginning of a series of hybrid installations intended to reduce both the cost and lack of electricity throughout the entire national scope covered by the Jirama.

 In terms of governance, setting up a new organization includes the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer and Directors. This new structure was accompanied by a redesign in the management of contracts with suppliers, both for purchase and thermal rental. A standard contract has been put in place. Consuming  40 % of fuel market in Madagascar, the negotiation of fuel supply contracts has enabled Jirama to acquire these inputs at the most competitive price, well below the pump prices which was not the case in 2016.

 Smart meters : new equipments for customers.

And in order to reduce losses in power distribution, Jirama is installing 8,500 smart meters for high, medium and low voltage customers consuming more than 500 kWh per month. The availability of this state-of-the-art equipment should be finalized by March 2018. With this new device, the Jirama can intervene immediately if there are anomalies. User consumption records will be done automatically without having to disturb them. Other meters will arrive soon to meet all needs formulated so far.

For 2018, Jirama intends to strengthen governance, optimize the cost of production and distribution of water and electricity, thereby improving the quality of service rendered to customers in terms of reliability and availability. Public subsidies  will be reduced to 209 billion Ariary against 420 billion Ariary in 2017. The redressment of JIRAMA’s heavy fuel centers, the conversion of Gasoil centers into Heavy Fuel, Hybridization a solar panel of 60 centers, as well as the establishment of a 20 MW "Green yellow" solar panel center in Ambohimandroso will contribute considerably to the optimization of production. In terms of distribution, the replacement of old transformers and rotten wood poles will be on the agenda. Finally, after descent to see firsthand damages caused by the last cycline AVA, around 15 billion Ariary is needed to redress material losses.

Published on Friday, 12 January 2018 06:03