Open Data 2018 in Madagascar : a future platform to be created.


Photo : Madagascar Today


More than 406 events marked the International Open Data Data around the world last Saturday 3 March 2018. In Madagascar, two events was held by Transparency International Initiative and Madagascar Initiatives for Digital Innovation (MAIDI).  While the first focused on Open Data and Public Finances to promote a better governance and accountability, the second was oriented toward the promotion of Datajournalism ; insisting on the importance of Data in everyday life and for a country’s development. Both had proved the emerging trend of Open Data in the country.


MAIDI : « Open Data for Citizens » to celebrate the Open Data Day  

 A year after their creation in February 2017, MAIDI organized a three days-event called « Open Data for Citizens » to celebrate the International Open Data Day. On 1 & 2 March 2018, free open data training was offered for young people between 18 and 30 years old. Participants were able to understand data fundamentals and data scrapping.  At the end, they were made able to create their own database.  The event itself was closed on Saturday 3 March by a workshop gathering many journalists, local institutions, Open Street Map Madagascar and different representatives from ministries and Prime Minister office.


Datajournalism was the major topic of discussion with the public. « For Data means nothing without human intervention … beyond simplifying access to information, we want to insist on the importance of Data re-use … » says  Misa RAKOTONDRAINA, Vice President of the association during her opening speech noting that MAIDI.  


Futur Open Data Platform by Civil Society for people.

 The president of MAIDI, Fabienne RAFIDIHARINIRINA declared that the objective of the future open data platform is not to « steal » government data. As the association is on the way to become a local active data producer, the platform will be first designed for the association to publish their datasets. However, any other institutions or individuals interested in publising their data on the platform are welcome provided that their datasets respond favorably to the Open Data standards.


Madagascar ranks at the 178th place out of 180 countries according to the Open Data Inventory score 2017 published by Open Data Watch. With a score of 6/100, it shows the country has a lot to do in terms of open official statistics which should above any other data reflect a higher and better expression of openness for citizens.

Published on Wednesday, 07 March 2018 12:57