21 April 2018 : the start of a new political crisis in Madagascar


Nine years after the last political crisis in 2009, Madagascar is about to start a new one. Still at the symbolic « Place of 13 May » in the capital Antananarivo, Madagascar has just entered into a new era of a new political crisis. The meeting supposed to be held by Deputies from the opposition with citizens today in Antananarivo City Hall yard  was not made possible till the end, the area being placed under military control since yesterday.  Event always look the same as former ones,  riots opposing people with determination and armed military forces who act under ordre. At the same time, the President Hery Rajaonarimampianina is outside the coutry.


A movement at the point of no return


The story starts with the contestated electoral law voted with 79 out of 150 three weeks ago. But it was  the video broadcasted as proof of corruption between pro – regime deputies which fan the flames.   A whole people fed up with corruption and craving for social change had responded favorably to the appeal of the TIM and MAPAR for their reporting session but all know that it won’t be easy to hold. While the movement got the autorisation from the Urban Commune of Antananarivo, the Prefect literraly  forbid it.  First tear gas was shot by 9h AM to spread protestors trying to force the entry at the City Hall yard.  By 1h30 PM after a long and violent clash with policemen, seventy one parliament members from the opposition finally won the place.  


Apart dozens of injured persons, official statistics currently show 4 persons killed including two children who died by suffocation at the « Children Hospital » in Tsaralalana where they were hospitalized. The two other was shot for there were the use of live bullet by policemen one of them being one family member of one Deputy from the opposition. « We won’t accept a corruption driven gouvernment anymore  … we won’t stop this [movement] until a major change occured in this Nation »  said Hanitra RAZAFIMANANTSOA, deputy and movement spokeswoman.  



At 7h Pm , Rivo Rakotovao HVM chief leader and President of Senate has expressed his sympathy to familie’s victim and invited political actors to act responsibly. «  Disorders brings nothing more to the country, why not prioritising dialogue » he stated on RNM, Madagascar National Radio.


A resignation request of Hery Rajaonarimampianina


The final objective is clear, the regisnation of the current President Hery Rajaonarimampianina. Next Monday, the meeting will be held again but the official starting hour isn’t yet known. For its side, the Chief of military forces made  publicly a commitment to protect people and not act  with forces for future meeting next week.  We hope there will be no more victims …  

Published on Saturday, 21 April 2018 21:35