MRCI :  social development through infrastructures and youth activities in Nosy Komba


Living in remote places in the midst of natural forest is not always easy for local people. Rocky and muddy paths are dangerous.   Without light, life might be boring. Therefore, improving sanitation and infrastructure is more necessity than luxury in respect to the environment and upgrading people’s standard of living. As part of their community development program, Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute (MRCI) has built public infrastructure to help the local population in Nosy Komba.  


Infrastructure for better hygiene and field mobility

MRCI is deeply concerned about how to improve everyday life for the people of Nosy Komba. As a sign of partnership with local communities, this NGO receives people’s requests and plans projects according to community needs. In addition to school building, MRCI has built toilet blocks, roads and bridges and more at the request of the local population. While bridges are easing access between villages especially during high tide along the coasts, the presence of toilets has led to a drastic behavioural change in people who previously had no choice but to defecate in open areas. In Andrekareka Be village, a cistern was built to maintain a fresh water supply during dry season.


Sport for fun and youth development


MRCI is the first partner of Nosy Komba « AS JETNO » basketball team. Every day during holiday and each Saturday during study period, girls and boys between 14 and 20 years old play in Ampangorina basketball court to prepare themselves for local, regional and national basket tournaments. MRCI funds expenses related to these competitions including team jerseys, travel expenses and more, and MRCI volunteers follow Nosy Komba teams as loyal supporters. The Nosy Komba team won the National competition in Ambositra in 2016.


The last week in March 2018, MRCI sponsored the team’s attendance to a regional tournament where they made it all the way to the finals and took second place. Fundraising efforts by MRCI are now underway to fund the team’s trip to the next tournament held on the mainland in Diego Suarez on the 23rd of June. If the team does well enough in Diego Suarez, they will advance to the national championship in Antananarivo.  


Interviewed on their choice before going to Madagascar, volunteers have qualified MRCI as a serious and transparent organization.  « MRCI surpassed my expectations, a well-structured organisation, providing an insight into the local Malagasy life. With the three programmes they run, Marine, Forest and Community, they are a valued source of education to the local villagers, farmers and fishermen and are trusted with the aims to make Nosy Komba flourish into a better place » stated Nima AGHAEE, Forest Conservation volunteer in April 2018.             


By partnering with local boat owners, MRCI’s frequent trips between Nosy Be and Nosy Komba have enhanced their day-to-day earnings whereas volunteer’s errands increase consumption in local villages for the good of the economy.  For all they have done, MRCI’s presence in the region is highly appreciated by local authorities. Over the years, the organization has become both a vital actor for development and a member of the community itself …

Published on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 10:48