Madagascar : the High Constitutional Court has chosen a « soft blow »


Law enforcement is again at the center of a lively debate on social media as soon as the decision of the High Constitutionnal Court (HCC)  itself was against the applicable law regarding the request of the  destitution by the « Deputies of Change » in Madagascar.  On the 25 April 2018, a month and four days after the political crisis starts,  the  HCC responded to the Deputies of Change’s request to destitute the President Hery Rajaonarimampianina destitution  for not building the High Court of Justice (HCJ) within 12 months after his official nomination in January 2014.


The forced cohabitation


Hery Rajaonarimampianina remains the President but with apparently no centralized control over the country anymore. Satisfaction was not at the rendez-vous for Deputies of Change within TIM and MAPAR but while no appeal is possible for any of the HCC’s decision, they will have to accept a cohabitation until the next presidential election.


Toward a slow political recovery


Government termination and nomination of a consensus Prime minister by the end of May 2018,  the HCC has decided a more lenient judgement between shame on the President by being dismissed and a more flexible way to solve the political situation. The presidential election will finally be advanced but not earlier than 29 August 2018.


The whole point is not to know the new consensus government’s members at last on 6 June 2018. Still to know if cohabitation would be imaginable between the three main major parties : TIM, HVM and MAPAR.  As per the Article n° 10 of the judgement, the President will have to resign 60 days before the final agreed date of future election if this latter still want to be on the run again … With the National and Independent Electoral Commission (CENI), the new government will organize the upcoming election depending on technical and financial feasibility in order to ensure fair and transparent but most of all free election.


Until Madagascar get its new President,   people present in « The Place of 13 May » during the last few weeks who craved for social change and economic growth will still have to wait before real impact is measurable in their daily life …

Published on Monday, 28 May 2018 14:15