Trump – Kim Summit towards a complete denuclearization


Can we talk of a real end of the Cold War ? The date of 12 June 2018 has become one of the most important date as far as we remember dates during the World War II. For the first time in history, a US and North Korean Presidents meet in person. By doing so , Donald Trump becomes the first US President to meet a North Korean leader for now 65 years after the Korean conflict ended in 1953 during the Cold War. The historical handshake between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un marked the beginning of a new era in international relations.


From insults to a friendly relationship


The encounter is a world long-awaited event as a continuation of the two Korean leaders  meeting on 27 April 2018. After months of insults on twitter and provocatif nuclear tests in North Korea, today,  at Capella hotel in Singapore, « We have made a big progress » declared Donald Trump after a walk with Kim Jong-un in the garden of the hotel. As admitted by the two leaders, the path whih lead to this historical Summit was not that easy as so will be the newt steps.   With this encounter, Donald Trumps is on  the right track for a Nobel Peace Prize  sixteen months after his election.  The US President even announced his willigness to invite his North Korean counterpart at the White House and visit Pyongyang.


Forty five minutes of private face to face meeting, working lunch and many handshakes in sight… [a fantastic meeting] as described by Donald Trump, the Singapore Summit was marked by the signature of a « Denuclearization Agreement » between the two countries.


A bland agreement                                                                                                        


Will this fifth agreement stick ? All negociations about North Korea denuclearization has always broken down before and the last one has drawn more criticism and scepticism rather than gratitude.  One weakness of Trump – Kim agreement is the lack of details on what would be done by both parts. In exhange of total security from the USA, Donald Trumpw requests a complete,  verified and irreversible denuclearization of North Korea while Kim aims for the denuclearization of the whole Korean peninsula including then the South.


China and South Korea congratulate the two leaders for their endeavors. As Korean war iwas ended with an armistice and not a  Peace Treaty in 1953, technically the two Koreas are still considered as war-torn countries.  The Santosa Agreement can be therefore seen as the start of a long process towards a real  Peace Treaty …

Published on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 17:05