No Tulear Sand  Movement to Preserve Madagascar Natural Resources


The recent issue of Mining Exploitation Permit to the Australian mining company Tulear Sand for ilmenite exploitation has raised an anti – movement for lack of public consultation but mostly for health danger in the South of Madagascar.  At stake are natural protected areas (PK32) covered with dry forest including endemic baobab species and the livelihoods of thousands of local people living in total line with nature known as the « Mikeas people ».  



An business for investors … not people.

From 20 to 30 meters to dig along sixteen kilometers, the mining project implies the destruction of a massive cultural and environnemental heritage in Ranobe – Tuléar.  The last few days, the situation has been rapidly made known by many after the spread on Social Network through the press briefing video of Mr Thierry Siteny Randrianasoloniaiko, Deputy of Tulear I on Facebook.  Lack of public consultation and no transparent explanation of the project  for public awareness, a only selected journalists  to attend the convention signature in Tulear made too late in the afternoon …  The Deputy Siteny Thierry made it clear, Tulear Sand exploitation is neither for people’s  nor the country’s economic good.  

 The mining area being occupied by fishermen and farmers, creating 1500 jobs related to the project for social good  is an utopia for these relocated people will never meet the required employe’s technical level to work for the company.  Besides, he says that « roads and harbours to be built within the project will be only for the company’s technical requirement for transportation … ». In addition to this, the risk of radioactivity is too high with an open-pit truck every fifteen minutes during thirty years knowing that there are Thorium 232,  Uranium 238  and Potassium 40 as proved by a scientific research at Montpellier Laboratory in France.


Theo RAKOTOVAO : singer, environmental activist and Human Rights defender

The renowned Malagasy singer Theo Rakotovao, both native of the South Western region of Madagascar and President of Mazoto Association in Tuléar stands for the No Tulear Sand Movement. He stated that « Madagascar is only known around the world because of its natural resources but the ways local authorities treat this God – given treasure is so tragic. » Rumors circulated about his arrestation as it’s the common fate of environmental activists in Madagascar.


Music as a tool to reject the project

A call for national artists was made by Mr Thierry Siteny to writte a song to reject toe Ranobe project on TV. This peaceful movement is too reasonable compared to the danger the project represents to the population and the environment. With an estimated investment of 180 Millions USD, the restoration of natural resources promised after the authorized exploitation permit appears impossible due to a maximum raifall of 500 meters per year. Regarding the numerous natural areas affected by mining exploitation investments throughout Madagascar, wouldn’t it be wiser to invest  in people first ?

Published on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 16:02