Italy – Genova : a fifty one years old bridge collapsed


                                            Photo Credit : Genova authorities 

At noon, the part of the Viaduc A10 in Genova - Italy collapsed into the void killing a minimum of 30 victims at 5 PM. according to Eduardo Pixi, Italian Vice Minister of Transport. Known as the Morandi Bridge, the infrastructure was inaugurated in 1967 with both reinforced and ordinary cement. The Morandi Bridge was nicknamed the « Brooklyn bridge » and it was built between 1963 and 1967.


  One of the three unique bridges in the world

 At its sixty meters above the ground along 1 182 meters long, the Morandi bridge is one of the three unique bridges in the world with such structure, greatly criticized bu technicians. The two others in Wadi Al – Ruf Libya and Maracaibo - Venezuela which also collapsed in 1964.

Many trucks and cars were trapped downside where the bridge crosses athwartly a railway. According to some witnesses, one of the pillar was hit by lightning before the cement started to crumble and  the first vehicle began  to fall.


The eighth bridge collapsing in three years.

 This tragedy is the eighth bridge collapsing for the last three years in Italy ; the last one was the Corleon bridge in 2017 which broke down only ten days after its inauguration.

Actually, more than 200 firemen and volunteers are in place to clear the rubbles and recover corpses of victims. More maintenance than the initial construction cost,  the Morandi bridge was qualified as an « engineering failure » by Antonio Brencich, Professor of Engineering at Genova University as published on Primo Canale website in 2016.

Published on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 19:17