Polling day in Madagascar after a hectic preparation


ANTANANARIVO 07 November 2018. If the latest survey wasn’t made public by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Madagascar, the result of this presidential election couldn’t be kept secret. After a month of hectic propaganda during which one people died, Malagasy people is deciding today to whom handling the country’s future for the next five years. Thirty six candidates for the ultimate function of Chief of State, if no one receive more than 50% on this first round, the second round is supposed to be held on December 2018.

As usual, financial means deployed by candidates during the propaganda doesn’t reflect the country’s poverty.  The « Initiative for Candidates Budget Tranparency » launched by Transparency International on 12 October 2018 only  got positive responses from 6 (all men) out of 36 candidates.  

Three former presidents with three leading candidates, finally the electoral list irregularities haven’t stopped to election to occur. The joint movement of 22 candidates to fight for a  «cleaned » electoral list fell overboard, a list they claimed to contain 2 millions of ghost voters including people under 18, dead people but most importantly duplicate names.  While data scientists and experts would admit that data cleaning doesn’t take long time, the willigness to get even the « minimum » acceptable-by-all  electoral list wasn’t done.  

More than 7000 national observators most of which are volunteers are spread throughout the country by Civil Society. Mr Wilson STUART, US Chargé d’Affaires in Madagascar visit himself few polling stations along with his collegues from the US mission. Through his declaration to journalists, he encourages Malagasy voters to go to the polls to exercise their civic duties while also wishing good luck to all candidates.  

Almost ten millions people are casting their votes in more than 24 000 polling stations today. At stake are  the country’s economic revival and tackling insecurity issues. The conviction of some candidates to won the first round lead us to think we should we see the return of a « President ». While waiting for the results by the end of November 2018, the name is still behind the curtain …


Published on Wednesday, 07 November 2018 10:38