Datamad Channel : new dimension of datajournalism in Madagascar


                               Photo : Civicus Goalkeepers team 2018. Arusha Tanzania. 21 January 2019

Arusha – TANZANIA. 22 January 2019. In its video format, Datamad Channel project has been selected as Top 27 by Civicus World Alliance for Citizen Participation as part of their Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator program for the year 2019. The main objective is to support under 35 years old youth activities in attaining the SDGs through the collecting citizen generated data and/or the reuse of it. For a week, the 27 selected participants are gathering in the Training Center for Development Cooperation in Arusha for a mandatory session orientation.  


From 2077 applications received to 29 projects selected at the end, the process was highly competitive.  To become eligible, project topic should concerns the 6 first objectives of the SDGs whatever format it takes. Datamad Channel consists of producing data analysis storytelling in a short video format and will be implemented by MAdagascar Initiatives for Digital Innovation (MAIDI) whose work is primarily on developing Open Data and Datajournalism in the country. The whole project is the second attempt by the Association to promote datajournalism after the data reuse competition for youth in June 2018.


« Implementing Datamad Channel will be very challenging for the lack and inaccessibility of data in Madagascar but we will try with the available data resources … though we have an idea of how to bridge this gap, it will never be complete.» said Fabienne RAFIDIHARINIRINA, President of MAIDI. Datamad Channel will see its first broadcast in French language on Youtube by May 2019. The first video will concern Rice and Nutrition in Madagascar. For the whole year 2019, the association expects to produce 5 videos in total ; all touching interesting topics about Madagascar. Wish them the best !

Published on Tuesday, 22 January 2019 09:27