CAN 2019 : Madagascar - Guinea (2 - 2)


Alexandria – EGYPT. 22 June 2019.

It’s with an equal footing 2 – 2 that Madagascar (108th on FIFA World ranking) and Guinea (71st) ended their game yesterday.  Face an oppopent with 11 participations in African Nations’ Cup (CAN) finals, it’s a very good start for the Barea Madagascar as a first match within the Alexandria stadium. Often seen as the Tom Thumb in this CAN 2019, Madagascar has prouved the team has its place in this competition.


Anicet Abel, footballer of the year


If the world has bet for a defeat for Madagascar with nothing till the 45’, Anicet Abel Andrianantenaina marked the history with the first goal for Barea at the 49’. « We are here to play without complex … we could have won this match but we but we lack concentration …We will continue this way and will show more of our skills » he said. The second goal by Carolus Andriamahitsinoro at the 55’ made Madagascar lead for 11 minutes.


Equal through penalty.

A penalty that could have been avoided, qualifying the match as « little success » for the Barea is totally senseless. François Kamano equals the final score at the 66’.  The two shared the points in the Group B.  Nicolas Dupuis, Barea Madagascar coach since 2016 is proud of his team, « I want to congratulate my team for we have opposed a very consistent defensive block » he stated after the match.

Published on Sunday, 23 June 2019 14:07